This blog explores a very relevant topic – namely, employee engagement. Talent is mobile. The onus is upon organizations to attract great talent and retain them. To that end, organizations have resorted to deploying multiple programs to do so. The programs may range to continuation of legacy recognition systems that continue to have impact in the organization, but now organizations are adopting new technologies and systems to manage, ignite and measure engagement. Above all, great companies have steeped their culture into programs that usher is social responsibility. Employees are encouraged to participate in community outreach programs or voluntarily give to causes.  We have been curating and writing articles along these lines, exploring both – the theoretical and practical applications of program deployment for employee engagement. Hope you enjoy these articles. We certainly appreciate any comments or questions or topics that you would like us to explore.

Hindol Datta is Vice President of Finance and Analytics at Emerge Digital Group, the fastest growing company in the Silicon Valley in 2012. He is responsible for operations research, data analytics, supply side platforms and traffic monetization, optimize eCPM’s across various distribution channels, corporate finance and acquisitions, accounting, and working with valuation and audit advisors. Prior to that, he was the CFO of Atari and ran couple of gaming studios – in the Bay Area and France that specialized in MMORPG for console and web. He was also the Principal of Data Integrity and the Director of Finance/Corporate Controller at Adteractive which was a hypergrowth company that grew from $9M in 2003 up to $150M in 2005, 9 employees up to 275+ employees. He has successfully negotiated over $60M credit facility with banks, and have raised over $12M in venture capital and convertible debt. He also worked as Worldwide Director of Strategic Operations at ReSound Corporation, manufacturer of hearing health care devices. He is an Andersen Consulting and Coopers & Lybrand alum, while also having worked in a couple of small regional accounting firms in the Bay Area. As a systems consultant and auditor, his clients have included the Port of Oakland, American President Lines, Clorox, Chevron, AT&T, McKesson, Solectron, Electronic Arts and Third-Party 401K Administrators.

He is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Management Accountant, a Certified Internal Auditor and APICS Certified. He has an MBA in Accounting, an MS in Applied Financial Economics and B.A. in Economics and Math with a minor in Statistics — all from California State University. In addition, he has an Executive degree in Engineering Management from California Institute of Technology and have taken Game Theory and Options Courses at Stanford University. He also has a Certificate in Object Oriented Programming from Rational Rose in Unified Modeling Language.

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